Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Joys of Data Entry

You're probably wondering how the hell The Chop administration keeps up with the flood of data that is necessary to run a Rock and Roll band. Well I am going to explain it all to you, here, now. forever.

I, Throb Kassees, love data entry.

I've known this now for some time, but manage to keep rediscovering it within myself. It's a good thing too...how else could The Chop keep track of all the different outfit choices, rigorous pre-show calisthenic/alcohol regimens, or the vast number of choruses in every live version of Carry the Wood? The answer is simple: they could not. They would not.

I live to collect, accumulate, agreggate, archive, compile, consolidate, and extrapolate Chop-o-philic data sets.
My spreadsheet is formidable.

The Chop blesses your home,

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