Monday, December 03, 2007

The Chop makes plans

Hello Universe,

Last day/Yesternight, The Chop slaved away as usual on our ever-so-close-to-being-approximately-70%-completed first record. Highlights included the audio recording of the following: some craptastic Walkie Talkies, a Chop-wide staring contest, and also cheap champagne.

Everything's going great though, America. We've set our minds to exploding the Hotel Utah next weekend (December 14th) with our good friends The Dont's. We've even written a Christmas song for the occasion! In preparation for so-called "Christmas writing", we took it upon our backs to painstakingly study the annals of Christmas music (american, european, and "other"), therein systematically analyzing melodic motifs, lyrical themes, and chordal cadences for that "Christmas Sound." Only after this extensive bout of research on the essence of Christmas music were we then brave enough to disregard all that bullshit and write a really simple song in Gmajor!

The song promises to be available (for your home listening pleasure) shortly.

Up ahead for this week:

Tonite: Recording in the Sunset and even more file management in Potrero Hill!
Tuesday: Practice
Wednesday: CD screening with a Print Gocco, and more than likely file management also!
Thursday: Practice
Friday: Recording! A Christmas song!
Saturday: Panhandling in San Francisco! We now must beg for change!
Sunday: More recording, more file management, and James' brain to explode at 11:30PM!

His Benevolence,
Robbie Kassees

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