Monday, January 28, 2008

The Morning Routine

Dearest American Public,

A recent poll shows that approximately every last one of you is quite curious about the day-in day-out of being in an awesome Rock band. With those stats in mind we, The Chop, would like to allow you a small window into our ever-so-busy lives, beginning, as most days do, with The Morning Routine.

Just like you fantasize, The Chop all live, work, and play together. We begin our Saturday morning with popsicles in a grossly undersized bed.

Next, we recover our senses slowly by relaxing in the glow of our beloved television, whilst reclining on our vintage, 1970's era sofa.

Quite appropriately, we are watching Hanna Barbera's "Wacky Races". Dick Dastardly and Muttley are winning.

That trickerous pooch!!

After sucking down a few more frozen treats and recounting the previous nights' grandiose schemes, it's finally time to wash away the grime of Friday's hard drinking with a trip to the bathroom.
With our first record so close to being done (a couple more weeks, America!) The Chop doesn't have time to take turns. We all go in at once!

But let me stress, friends: We are not all business. We too enjoy life, and although we have been known to manufacture laughter for our own sinister purposes, we sometimes do it without provocation!

Now that we're showered, shaved, brushed and scrubbed we launch into our day of unbridled, unparalleled, Rock-band fun. Isn't it just as you imagined?

Hoping to erase my most grievous errors with the help of a Wayback Machine,



Jade said...

thank you for that enlightening glimpse into your morning gay-ness....I mean...routine...

but really, those are awesome pics.

Mike said...

is this what you guys do in our apartment when I am gone?!?!?! It's super cute.


-Tony. said...

This is probably my favorite thing, ever.

It's like four Monkees episodes in one, easy-to-swallow blog post.

klaessig said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

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