Monday, February 11, 2008

Epic Sesh!

Dear Global Martketplace,

This weekend The Chop was at it again recording ever-so-timeless drum and bass tracks for our upcoming (first, full-length) album, which we've decided to call "We Want It All". We all agree that this sentiment aptly describes our lusty ambition for, well, everything.

On Saturday, we went into the studio for the old 8PM to 4AM graveyard shift. We layed down the bass and drum tracks for four songs...two old ones we re-arranged and made way better (these were called "Falling Asleep" and "Five Points") and two brand new songs called "Signs" and "The Pace'. We're pretty excited about all of them, and we're going back in there to do the overdubs (i.e. piano, guitars and all the vocals) on Tuesday night. We probably won't 100% finish any the songs, and we'll end up finishing the tracks at home sometime in the next couple weeks, putting in some instruments we either don't play or own or both (cello maybe?), refining our takes, and also adding weird shit like we do.

Here's how it looked on Saturday:

Now here's the exciting news...this was the stated "last" tracking session for "We Want It All". We've now recorded 15 tracks for this thing, so we'll be able to cut 3 or 4 or 5 out of the final product--which means better songs for you!

We're expecting it all to be done (like done done) in about 6 weeks. We're excited about this. You should be excited about this. Are you getting excited about all this?


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