Thursday, October 02, 2008

New song + New lineup + Album in stores + Help needed

Dear constituents,

Many things have been happening here in the hearts and minds of The Chop. Here's a summary:

1. We are hard at work on our new lineup for the November 2nd gig with The Spinto Band.  Tom has stepped forward and taken over the bass guitar.   And with that change, we've also got a new drummer, Aaron.  He's awesome.  Check out his exploits/skills with his other band Pegataur, or with his old band BoyJazz.

2. Our album, We Want It All is now available at record stores across this great country!  (literally,  two stores that are at diametrically opposed spots of the continent).

Get it at:
Amoeba Records in San Francisco, California  (1855 Haight Street)
Rainbow Records in Newark, Delaware (54 E Main Street)

Please please please go in and promptly fondle/buy it.

It's also available online now at CDBaby, and soon at various other digital outlets (updates to follow)

3. We have written and recorded a new song entitled "Born in Wilmington", a tribute to our hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.  The song is in the form of a traditional Irish drinking song and is meant to be sung loudly, whilst drinking.  Lyrics are here.
It is available for the listening/downloading on our various sites and also, here it be:

Fancy yourself a writer?  "Born in Wilmington" is just begging to have more verses written.
We ourselves cut at least three from this recording.  If you submit a verse that we like, we'll send you something cool (I swear) and maybe even sing it on stage.  So submit one.  Or just write us and tell us what you think.  About anything.  

Wondering how you can help us out?
Right now what we need is reviews, writeups or mentions of any kind.  Please pass our info along to anyone who will listen.  Download our songs (album here) (drinking song here) and pass them around as much as you can.

Thank you.

Led Zeppelin II "Heartbreaker" solos do not happen in a vaccuum,

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